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Kristin Kilmer Design

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Company Description

Kristin Kilmer is distinguished as the Interior Designer of many architecturally significant homes in the Los Angeles area.

Kristin Kilmer is distinguished as the Interior Designer of many architecturally significant homes in the Los Angeles area, including those of renowned architects R.M. Schindler, John Lautner and Ray Kappe. Their methodologies inspired her custom furniture and lighting designs to highlight the spectacular features of these distinctive Mid-Century Modern homes that share a common thread: Through tremendous innovation, dwelling and nature harmoniously co-exist within these historical landmarks, marking the beginning of the sustainable era.

Renowned photographer Julius Shulman said it best of this period, “We’ve always had green - those of us concerned about the environment… That’s all green means: You are the environment.”

The leaps in engineering and industrial advancement established by these Icons (all thought to be impossible by the masses) also created the basis for today’s Contemporary Sustainable design community as its technology continues to grow exponentially.

In honor of these architects and their respect for the environment, Kristin now combines their theories and practices with the most current, unique materials and her “Eco Modern Luxury” approach to design healthy, evocative and functional environments. Her company demonstrates that sustainable design can be luxurious with countless options, yet still apply the fundamental green values of energy efficiency, renewable resources, recycled materials and non-toxic finishes.

Kristin Kilmer Design, Inc. is also committed to creating public awareness on toxicity in the home and their resulting health disorders, as our community cannot save the planet if its populace is unwell.

Kristin attended Instituto Europeo di Design, an Italian Interior Architectural School in Madrid, Spain. Her passion for European culture also inspires her personal design aesthetic.

Kristin Kilmer Design is currently working with Go Green Construction on their Case Study Project, the Go Green Home, America’s highest rated LEED Platinum-Certified home. Kristin considers CEO Fernando Feldman to be one of the most passionate & knowledgeable about sustainable construction.

Kristin Kilmer designed the interiors of the Kohler LivingHomes at the TED conference in February, 2009. She is currently designing the interiors of the first LivingHome installed in Orange County. Kristin considers CEO Steve Glenn to be one of the most prominent voices in the sustainable movement.

Kristin Kilmer Design is a partner with Living Green, Los Angeles’ first and largest sustainable design and material showroom. Kristin considers Founder Ellen Stickland to be one of most seasoned professionals in everything green: from materials to non-toxic household products.

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