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Atlas Embroidery

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  • recycled shirts
  • recycled uniforms
  • recycled fleece
  • recycled aprons
  • 100% recycled
  • made in the USA

Company Description

Ecobabble shirts and uniforms are 100% recycled and made in the USA. Each shirt is made out of recycled remnants and five plastic bottles! They are soft and breathable. We're making a difference, and you can too! Our mission is to provide current fashions on sustainable garments for those who "care what they wear".

Atlas Embroidery Announces Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Line
April 21st, 2009

We at Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing are on a mission to make the world a “greener” place one piece of apparel at a time. Through what we’ve learned in the research and development involved with building our “EcoBabble” RPET (Recycled-polyester) apparel collection, we know now more than ever the importance of the incorporating Sustainable practices at every available opportunity.

EcoBabble Apparel represents just what can be done to go to the extreme end of the “Green” spectrum by not only Recycling PVC-Bottles that would otherwise be destined for a century in landfills; but also, “re-purposing” them into their new life as wearable garments. Recycling and then re-using materials of any kind is the first step towards assuring a “greener” future for generations to come; however, making the resulting products 100% recycled and “Eco-Friendly” complete that product life-cycle loop that we all now know to be critical for a “clean” future.

Innovativeness and Social Responsibility have always been focal points at Atlas, and with our “EcoBabble” Apparel collection, we’ve made the next major leap in assisting our corporate clients and partners in doing the same. EcoBabble apparel is comprised of a 50/50 combination of RPET (post-consumer recycled polyester derived from PVC bottles) and pre-consumer recycled scrap cotton. The resulting garments are 100% recycled, and when decorated with “Low-impact/Environmentally Friendly” PVC/Phthalate-free Water-based Inks, create a completely “Eco-conscious” alternative to what’s been available in the apparel world to date.

While “Organic” cotton apparel scratched the surface of the “Eco-Apparel” movement, the composition at roughly 6% organic cotton, didn’t quite bring about the change necessary to have any major benefit regarding the Environmental impact involved with the apparel manufacturing process. At Atlas, we firmly believe that making the Earth a “Greener” more natural place will only happen if all of us do our part to replace “new” materials and the waste that results with recycled solutions to traditional products.

In the Apparel space, we’re confident that EcoBabble will assist in our initiative and that of our parents to make the world in which we live better than the one we were brought into by previous generations. If others join this movement in their given areas of expertise, it is possible for us to evolve the way people think about their own Environmental impact. Further, by offering Socially and Environmentally Conscious alternatives, we can allow everyone the ability/opportunity to paint a “greener” picture for not only our future, but that of generations to come.

In short, Ecobabble strives to restore ecological harmony one garment at a time. Each garment contains 50% Recycled Cotton and 50% Recycled Polyester which is created by transforming recyclable soda and water bottles into spun polyester.

Ecobabble’s mission is to lead the textile industries movement towards sustainability. We are firm believers that by developing garments using recycled fibers we are doing our part in making the world a greener place for our future, and that of many generations to come!

Ecobabble recycled garments are produced and decorated in the USA using PVC-FREE Water base Inks which create a 100% Environmentally Friendly product. One T-shirt is created using 5 Plastic Bottles! Buying these shirts is making a difference!

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