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My DNA Fragrance

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Company Description

Perfume, Cologne by MY DNA FRAGRANCE. Worlds first GREEN fragrances. Perfume & cologne Name Brands in a GREEN Version. $15.99-$24.99 With out alcohol or other harmful chemicals. free shipping. money back guarantee

With agencies like the New York City Health Department enacting new rules banning employees from wearing strong perfumes to encourage healthier lifestyles, others are soon to follow suit as more and more people become earth and health conscious. My DNA Fragrance CEO, Carlton Enoch, strongly believes in the preservation of both the planet and our health and moved on the opportunity to develop the world's first and only environmentally friendly green fragrance. He launched the “Exclusive” fragrance line, perfume and colognes engineered from your DNA genetic code in 2007 and today introduces the creation of “GREEN”, an evolutionary formulation that re-engineers your favorite perfume or cologne into a health conscious miracle.

Designer brand perfume and cologne fragrance types inspired by your favorite designers and celebrities from Carolina Herrera to Yves Saint Laurent are now free of alcohol and harmful chemicals giving consumers the power to go green when it comes to perfume and cologne. Enoch states, “Our custom fragrance process produces a uniquely green environmentally friendly fragrance with no alcohol or harsh chemicals. It's good for you! Good for the Environment!”

We host many of the most popular fragrance brand types including, but not limited to; Cool Water, Escada, 212, Beyonce Heat, Prada, Juicy Couture and Diesel and lots more. We will gladly add your favorite fragrances to the line up so you can enjoy your favorite scents in a Green elixir of your choice in 2 oz or 4 oz bottles. My DNA Fragrance will soon release all GREEN soaps, shampoos and other personal beauty products. All Green perfumes and colognes produced by My DNA Fragrance come in a recyclable aluminum bottle to preserve the fragrance formulation protecting it from sunlight.

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The BeGreen consortium is proud to offer this official GREEN Certificate to MY DNA FRAGRANCE for designing perfume & cologne. Alcohol free & no harsh chemicals. certifying that it fully corresponds to all the really high requirements needed to be fully qualified to this internationally recognized certification.

Sincerely, The BeGreen Consortium.

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