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Green Choice Pest Control

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  • Pest Control Washington
  • Green Pest Control Washington
  • Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington
  • Pest Control Portland, Oregon and Seattl

Company Description

Green Choice Pest Control provides green pest services to the greater Portland and Seattle areas.

As a family owned and locally based Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington pest control service provider, we consider it to be our responsibility to protect our customers from the structural and physical damage that may be caused by unwanted pests. We achieve this through the use of preventive pest control and a judicial use of green pest control products when necessary.
Call or Send Form For Free Inspection

Green Choice serves King, Snohomish, Clark, Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington and Marion Counties. Our inspections are always free and there is never any obligation to have any service performed. We also do not require any type of monthly or reoccurring service contract. Please call or e-mail us now. We want to earn your business. Portland/Salem: 503-936-5261 Vancouver: 360-844-5343 Seattle Metro: 206-715-7738

Localized Expertise

Pest control and extermination methods should be customized to your local environment. The metropolitan areas of Portland, OR and Seattle, WA are unique due to the sensitivity of our extensive water systems. While other areas encounter this obstacle as well, pest control and extermination in our area especially benefits from the use of pest control products that, if carried into the water system, would not have negative effects on our endemic salmon populations or habitat.
Green Pest Control

Green Pest Control, also known as integrated pest management, does not imply an absence of all pesticides, but rather signifies the careful use and monitoring of pest control products. Our licensed exterminators evaluate your specific needs and determine if pest control services are necessary, and which methods to use. At Green Choice Pest Control we realize that each home and pest infestation can present its own unique hazards, typically making a cookie cutter approach less than optimal. Call or complete our contact form to speak with a knowledgeable representative, or to schedule a free evaluation of your specific pest control issue.

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Fully Licensed with Oregon and Washington Dept of Agriculture

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