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Biomitra Inc

Product and Service Categories


  • biodegradable plates
  • eco friendly dinnerware
  • compostable plates
  • biodegradable bags
  • recyclable shopping bags

Company Description

We sell biodegradable palm dinner ware and jute shopping bags. We ensure every line of plates and bowls we launch subscribes to two requirements: easy on the environment and easy on the eye.

Our company philosophy is simple: if it's not biodegradable or eco-friendly, it's not from us.

Our plates and bowls are made out of fallen Palm leaves. They are made only out of palm leaves and water. No adhesives, bleach or chemical is used when making them. They're non-toxic, biodegradable, compostable, durable and lightweight:
o Made from fallen leaves - no plants or trees cut down
o Free of plastics or waxes
o 100% compost able
o Naturally biodegradable after 2 months
o Microwave-, oven- and refrigerator-safe

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