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USA Insulation of Chicago - Addison

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  • Foam Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Chicago
  • BPI certified

Company Description

USA Insulation of Addison installs green insulation in attics and walls. We serve a large portion of Cook, DuPage, Kane and DeKalb Counties from O'Hare on the North side to the Southern Suburbs and West to the Fox River Valley.

Do you own an older home? Did you know that heating and cooling account for 50 to 70% of the energy used in the average American home? Insulating and air sealing your home will help eliminate temperature swings and give you a healthy, quiet home that is energy efficient. USA Premium Foam Insulation can be easily installed by our Chicago insulation contractors, usually within a day, in older homes from the outside, or from the inside with very little disruption or mess.

Heating and cooling demands result in enormous utility bills when a house is not properly insulated. USA Premium Foam Insulation creates a thermal and acoustical envelope providing you with Comfort, Savings and Energy Efficiency all year long. USA Premium Foam Insulation has the highest R-Value (insulating ability) of any retro-fit insulation product available. It is a water-based, Green product safe for family and pets.

Air sealing is an additional step to weatherization. Warm air escapes through the cracks, crevices and holes found in attics, basements, around door and window frames. It is critical to provide the home with an thermal barrier, as well as an air infiltration barrier or heat will simply exit through the areas of least resistance. These energy leaks are identified using a blower door and an infrared camera, then caulked and foamed shut. Air sealing is a surprisingly low technology which ends surprisingly high heating bills.

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BPI Accredited, EPA Lead Safe, LEED, USGBC, BBB A+,

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