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Energy, Water, and Taxes, LLC

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  • ENERGY Savings
  • WATER Savings
  • TAXES Savings

Company Description

We are Consultants. We work on a Success Fee - We are paid a percentage of the savings that we find for your facility / company. We get paid a one time Success Fee for finding you Savings. That's It.

Most facilities substantially over-pay two of their largest variable costs: Their Energy and Water bills.

We reduce your Energy and Water expenses by utilizing 21st Century Green Technologies and various Tax Incentives.

We find you Savings in three areas :

1) Utility - Reducing Energy and Water bills

2) Taxes - Any Tax that applies to your Businesss ... can be managed and reduced.

3) ANY Savings. Wherever you spend money on your Facility ... we find ways to wring out more Efficiencies and Savings for you.

We optimize your property’s Efficiency, Sustainability and Profitability, thereby increasing its Revenues, Cash Flow, Market Value and Branding, while simultaneously reducing Operations and Maintenance expenses.

We reduce your Energy and Water bills by having “ Green " Hardware interfacing with “ Smart ” Software.

This is the new paradigm for Energy and Water Efficiency as a discipline : Green hardware interacting with intelligent software to create Smart Systems that generate Cost-Savings.

None of this modern energy-efficient " Green " hardware will work without " Smart " software to coordinate, monitor, and automate all the of the building's components as an integrated system.

" Data Integration " and " Interoperability " are the new standards for HW and SW interfacing in " Smart Buildings

The 21st Century Green Building is all about Enhanced Efficiencies and Productivity driving Profitability. Profitable Green projects are " Eco-Pragmatic " : Economics, not politics, is the driver. Use Less and Produce More. That's the working business definition of " Green ".

Our Model is to garner our Clients a double-digit ROI, a short Payback Period, and maximum Tax Incentives. Energy, Water and Taxes, LLC is a worldwide team of specialists : Consultants, Architects and Engineers who design holistic and integrated Smart Systems. We don't sell products or represent any company. We are Fiduciaries who work only for you. Our firm generates objective Cost Benefit Analyses so that you can make wise and profitable decisions based on forensic " Economic Engineering " and all available Tax Incentives.

" Future-Proof " your facility, increase the performance and longevity of its equipment, and stop needlessly over-paying your Utility Bills and Taxes. " Green " benefits your property and business bottom line in many different ways. History has proven that Survival is about Embracing Change and Adapting. Be an Early Adopter, not a Market Laggard.

Call us for your Free Energy and Water Savings Analysis.

Office 954-251-3334
Cell 305-351-6922
Skype 954-889-7608 /
Please call Fraser Allport in Miami, Florida USA at 305-3516922
Skype = 954-889 - 7608

10 am to 10 pm, EST - Monday through Saturday
We are headquartered in Miami, FL. , USA and work Globally.

We welcome Import - Export inquiries.

Savings = Better Cash Flow = Better Everything for you and your Facility / Company.

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References available upon request.

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