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Blue Sky Shipping, Clean Air Shipping

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Company Description

As the Bay Area leader in environmentally sound Shipping, Blue Sky offers a diversity of customized services to support your distribution needs. No longer does your business have to rely on diesel guzzling trucks running on foreign oil to transport your goods. Our domestically produced, recycled vegetable oil fuel keeps our trucks running longer and more efficiently than our competitors.

What distinguishes Blue Sky is our employees’ collective belief in providing excellent customer service while supporting an environmentally sound, domestic fuel source. We are confident that Blue Sky will save your business time and money while helping to make the Bay Area and the Nation a safer, more enjoyable place to live

Sustainable Shipping
Blue Sky Shipping is the first San Francisco Bay Area delivery company to address the needs of sustainable businesses. We are dedicated to helping businesses close their sustainable business model loop by providing exceptional service, on time delivery and a clear understanding of environmental business practices.

Locally Produced Biodiesel
The Blue Sky Fleet is 100% North American Biodiesel Powered and the bulk of our Biodiesel is made from recycled vegetable oil sourced from local restaurants.

We understand the need to make a clear connection between capitalism and sustainable, responsible commerce. Because running a business is more than an economic drive, Blue Sky distinctively endorses an honorable path to a sustainable future.

Environmental Need
Commercial trucks are the source of 25% of the smog-forming pollutants and over 50% of the soot derived from all highway vehicles; yet they make up less than 2% of the vehicles on the road and drive less than 6% of the total miles driven. To put this in greater perspective, trucks emit three times more soot and smog-forming pollutants than a coal-fired power plant, for every unit of energy they burn

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