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California Certified Services

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Company Description

21 year contractor in six (6) classifications , several outstanding certificates in green building and building sciences, Title 24 certificates to assist the home owner with saving energy and compliance with new building and energy codes.

Green Building and Title 21
Project management

The State of California Energy commission, the Contractors Board and city building and safety are notifying all contractors' and home owners that they are taking newest Title 24 energy compliance seriously, the law stipulates that whenever there are new building permits required for alterations, remodels, additions and new construction Title 24 compliance forms and documents are to be completed, signed then attached to the plans o the building permit, when code inspections are conducted by the city inspector they shall request evidence of energy code/compliance's and on certain components there shall be mandatory on-site testing by certified HERS inspectors, the inspections and testing shall be both visual and with sophisticated test equipment.

California Certified Services has passed all four residential California title 24 code courses and has also been certified in Building sciences/ Infrared inspections, Green building and Indoor air quality we also have advanced inspection equipment and are able to assist with you with new additions, remodeling and general alterations.
CCS is slowly phasing out 80% of performing the actual construction conduct more managing of projects and specialty inspections; you may ask what the difference is from contracting? Being bogged down on particular jobs having responsibility as an employer, after 21 years as a licensed contractor I am exhausted of that type of responsibility. For over two decades I have continuously educated myself in many trades of the construction industry and now have several qualifications to assist the contractor and home owner (owner/builder) or both to make sure that the project runs smoothly from concept to completion, this is called risk management. My job will be the home owners’ eyes and ears and work with the contractor to significantly reduce the possibility of problems and conflict during construction and make sure all regulations are complied with.

Title 24 Rules and regulations, the energy commission and contractors board have implemented so many new rules and regulations over the last few years that it’s difficult for smaller contractors to keep up with new building codes, energy codes, etc. and work their business at the same time. I believe there is the need for my type of services to take the confusion out of compliance and the contractor can concentrate on the work.

Owner Anthony R. Perez has been studying energy loss and green building for some time now he has also invested in high tech inspection equipment including infrared cameras and has earned several certificates of achievement to prove his commitments. For construction he is also a certified (ICC) International Code Council building and plumbing inspector which is the same qualifications your local city inspector has obtained, and is ready to consult and assist you from design to completion.
Some of our services:

Free no charge consultations and pre-project walk-through

• Provide specific Title 24 requirements
• Suggest compliance applicable building products
• Assist with overall building design and energy saving landscape design
• Help reduce pool energy consumption
• Assist with signing off all Title 24 energy forms
• Recommend lower cost engineering and architect
• Assist with obtaining building permits
• Contract compliance (CSLB contract requirements)
• Document daily work progress
• Contractors compliance with CSLB laws
• Enforce scheduled payments
• Document and assist with change orders
• Collect lien releases from suppliers, employees and subs
Written and owned by Anthony R. Perez dba California Certified Services Los Angeles, Ca.

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A, B1, C-36, C-8, C-53, & C-27 contractor licenses.
ICC building inspector
ICC Plumbing inspector
California Title 21 energy courses.
NACHI infrared
NACHI building sciences
NACHI green building
IAC2 indoor air quality

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