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Multichip Display Inc.

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Company Description

LED Lites USA is a division of Multichip Display Inc. a 20 year old supplier of electronic systems, LED lighting and military avionic equipment. led Lites USA is a spin out using the military avionic display lighting technology for retrofit to indoor and outdoor commercial lighting applications. Each fixture is engineered for LED conversion with use of military avionic thermal heat management technology.

LED Lites USA a division of Multichip Display Inc. has the use of 20 years experience in the design and manufacturing of commercial and military display solutions using LED backlighs for daylight readability in cockpit instrumentation. MDI created the commercial lighting division to apply this technology to the conversion of outdoor building and parking lot lights from HID to LED.

Thermal management is the key to maintenance free long life exceeding 50,000 hours of operation.

MDI has the engineering team with the experience in LED lighting to address a truly engineered solution to these issues. Each light fixture is analyzed and thermally modeled to ensure the conversion to LED is technically sound and meets the criteria for UL and Energy Star certifications.

All LED components are certified to LM-80 standard to insure over 50,000 hours of operation. LED Lites USA currently has installations in military base outdoor lighting and participates in the HUB Zone and woman owned minority manufacturing programs.

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