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Bentley Prince Street

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Company Description

Defining style, color, quality and service for 30 years, Bentley Prince Street, Inc. manufactures and markets award-winning broadloom and carpet tile products for commercial interiors across the globe.

Bentley Prince Street is committed to sustainable commerce and innovations to integrate style and function with environmental practices through its Mission Zero™ goal of eliminating any negative impact it has on the environment by the year 2020.

With the industry’s most comprehensive vertical carpet manufacturing facility, the company maintains third-party certification to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Based in Los Angeles County, California, Bentley Prince Street is a subsidiary of Interface, Inc., a global provider of floorcoverings.

Sustainable Carpeting: Moving toward Mission Zero

Bentley Prince Street is rapidly becoming recognized for its industry-leading sustainability practices as well as for its design-leading products. Bentley Prince Street’s continual journey to sustainable commerce means examining, improving and innovating in every area of the business, including manufacturing processes and product design. We promote sustainable practices, within our community and in the products we make. Mission Zero is more than surface appearance; it’s a belief that is built into our business model. It's an underlying corporate value, ensuring that business decisions are weighed against their potential impact on the economic, natural and social systems we touch. It's a means for our associates to deliver superior value to our customers and to our shareholders.

Dispose of your carpet responsibly with ReEntry® by Bentley Prince Street

In keeping with our Mission Zero™ promise, we will reclaim any carpet product and guarantee that it will not end up in a landfill and we’ve diverted more than 75 million pounds of material from landfills since 1995.

ReEntry 2.0 represents a huge breakthrough in our journey. We’ve invested in cutting edge, clean separation technology that allows us to keep more carpet components (backing and fiber) within our own systems and more recycled carpet material within the carpet industry.

ReEntry 2.0 helps maintain the material value of the recycled products, keeping the embodied energy within the recycled carpet and giving us more recycled feedstock to use for our products. Our ability to recycle Nylon 6,6 is helping us close the loop and get the recycled fiber back to our vendors. They use it to make more yarn and we buy the yarn to make new products. Our increased ability to capture and recycle backing materials will also permit us to add more carpet-derived post-consumer recycled content into our backing systems.

What do you call a carpet that actually helps stop global warming?

All of our products are climate neutral. How?

We conduct life cycle assessments (LCAs) for our products to determine and measure the CO2 impacts the products and processes have on the climate. Then, we invest in third party verified carbon credits to neutralize the CO2 emissions. The net result is ZERO greenhouse gas emissions…and climate neutral peace of mind.

LEED™ Innovation Credit

The USGBC now awards a LEED innovation point when climate neutral products comprise 5% of the total project materials, by cost. In order for climate neutral products to contribute to this point, climate neutrality must be a standard attribute of the product. We haven't just created a few climate neutral products to meet this requirement. Cool Carpet is standard on ALL of our products at no additional cost to the customer.

LEED also requires third party verification for manufacturers’ climate neutral product programs to ensure sound scientific and accounting principles. We’re there too. Transparency in reporting has always been a key tenet of our Mission Zero promise. Our Cool Carpet program is indeed third party verified.

Carbon Offsets Done Right

A company should first reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to an absolute minimum before seeking to offset the rest with carbon credits. Bentley Prince Street has always managed its Cool Carpet program with these principles in mind.

Since 1996, Bentley Prince Street has reduced its net greenhouse gas emissions per unit of product by 45% through improved efficiencies, dematerialization of products and purchases of certified renewable energy credits.

7 Fronts of Sustainability

Just as it takes a rope to safely climb a mountain, it takes planning, dedication and work to effectively change an industry. The summit of Mount Sustainability for the carpet industry is to leave no environmental footprint. Led by the visionary insight of Chairman Ray Anderson, Bentley Prince Street — an Interface Inc. company — is on track to the top.

There are 7 ways you can make a difference and improve your profitability at the same time. Starting now, don't settle for less than full commitment and steady progress on all 7 fronts.

1. Eliminate Waste
Bentley Prince Street is well on the path to our goal of eliminating waste in all areas of our business. Our QUEST program (Quality Utilizing Employee Suggestions & Teamwork) identifies, measures and reduces waste. And the over $62 million in cumulative avoided costs from waste elimination activities through 2008 will help finance new technologies and equipment to save even more.

2. Benign Emissions
Bentley Prince Street has been working to eliminate harmful emissions for over a decade. As the largest commercial carpet manufacturer in California, our goal is to have no negative or toxic effect on natural systems. Customers can purchase climate neutral Cool Carpet™ products, meaning that the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions emitted during the lifecycle of the product are offset or balanced through the purchase of certified carbon offset credits.

3. Renewable Energy
Bentley Prince Street leads the interiors product industry in energy renewability and efficiency. All (100%) of the electrical energy used at the Bentley Prince Street facility in City of Industry is made renewable through a combination of green tag purchases and electricity that is generated from our own on-site photovoltaic array.
We're also focused on improvements that reduce our energy needs. Bentley Prince Street has increased process efficiencies--and created new energy efficient systems--to drop energy use per unit of product output by 31%.

4. Closed Loop
All of Bentley Prince Street’s products contain varying amounts of recycled content. In addition, we continue to develop innovative products such as those that are engineered using re-purposed post-production "waste" yarn to manufacture first-quality broadloom and carpet tile.

5. Efficient Transportation
We offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with our fuel purchases for business travel through the Cool Fuel™ program. Our fuel provider awards corporate rebates based on gallons of fuel purchased and we use those rebates to purchase certified carbon offset credits from a balanced portfolio of CO2 carbon offset projects. In addition, with one of the industry's largest and most comprehensive vertical manufacturing facilities, twenty percent of our employees use alternative transportation to commute to work: carpool, walking, riding a bike, or public transportation.

6. Integrated Sustainability
The extended Bentley Prince Street community involves our suppliers, customers and families in a self-sustaining ecosystem where confrontation is replaced with cooperation.

7. Redesigned Commerce
Bentley Prince Street is creating new methods of delivering value to customers, changing our purchasing practices and supporting initiatives to bring about market-based incentives for sustainable commerce.

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ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS)

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

NSF-140 Sustainable Carpet Assessment Standard at the Platinum level

Carpet and Rug Institute's (CRI) Green Label Plus

USGBC LEED EB Silver certified

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