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FormLA Landscaping, Inc.

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  • sustainable landscaping
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Company Description

FormLA Landscaping creates Los Angeles’ most distinctive, inviting and sustainable community spaces and residential landscapes.

Our FormLA award-winning team possesses a thorough understanding of the diverse microclimates, challenging terrain and remarkable architecture in Los Angeles and provides vibrant, harmonious landscapes that thrive throughout the year.


FormLA designs start with understanding our clients’ needs, expectations, and how they and their communities, residents or families hope to use and view their outdoor space.

Services include:
-Consulting regarding needs and vision
-Conducting audit of outdoor water use
-Designing water-wise irrigation, drainage and run-off mitigation
-Incorporating sustainable features, such as native meadows, no mow lawns, green roofs, and water-wise irrigation
-Evaluating site requirements, such as terrain, microclimates, architecture and community codes
-Creating a complete custom landscape plan, incorporating living, hardscape and structural elements to fulfill client needs and space requirements


FormLA’s building team works with our designers to construct and install the custom outdoor spaces our clients envision, using reclaimed, renewable, and responsibly sourced materials and sustainable building practices.

Capabilities include:
-Planting landscapes to thrive now and in the long-term
-Placing specialized lighting, including LED lights, for effect and utility
-Constructing custom patios and drives, shade structures, screens and fences, and outdoor fire features
-Stabilizing hillsides, controlling erosion, and building retaining walls
-Installing and repairing smart irrigation systems featuring sophisticated, weather-based controllers
-Creating biological ponds, spas, pools, fountains and other water features
-Constructing custom outdoor living areas, outdoor “rooms” and furniture
-Creating permeable paving for patios, trails, walkways and drives, and build drainage and water collection systems
-Planting the decorative walls and green roofs to reduce energy needs


FormLA’s highly trained maintenance team eliminates landscaping worries, preserving the vitality and utility of our clients’ outdoor space as the landscape grows and transforms. Services include:
-Inspecting, repairing, and maintaining optimal settings for irrigation and lighting systems
-Hand-pruning of formal hedges to bolster privacy or maintain appearance
-Fertilizing (organic) and mulching
-Using non-chemical, organic, integrative pest control
-Conducting vermiculture and composting
-Hand pulling or hula hoeing of weeds in lawns and planters
-Sweeping rather than blowing or hosing of hardscapes

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Our team includes LEED accredited professionals, registered sustainable landscapers, licensed contractors, urban planners, and certified project managers.

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