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  • Data Center Services
    • B.S.P. International, LLC Energy Consultant for energy procurement, risk management, strategic procurement
    • Energy Industries Energy Industries is an energy project developer focused on efficiency and renewable solutions that help our customers with their energy problems.
    • Energy, Water, and Taxes, LLC We are Consultants. We work on a Success Fee - We are paid a percentage of the savings that we find for your facility / company. We get paid a one time Success Fee for finding you Savings. That's It.

    • Gardens On Air, LLC. USDA Certified Organic Aeroponic Indoor Farm growing pesticide/herbicide free vegetables and produce with a harvest every single month of the year with no weather concern
    • Long Beach Solar - Ameco Solar Solar Electric, Solar Pool or Solar Water installation partner
    • ManageCO2 ManageCO2 provide Enterprise Carbon Accounting and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management Software.

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