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A biobased product is a commercial or industrial product (other than food or feed) that is composed, in whole or in significant part, of biological products or renewable domestic agricultural materials (including plant, animal, and marine materials) or forestry materials OR an intermediate feedstock. (According to the United States Secretary of Agriculture in the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002)

  • As the ultimate web-based destination for eco-conscious shoppers, brands include: Kashi, Justin, Arrowhead mills, Earth's Best, Dagoba, Theo, Nugo, Glutino, WestSoy, Health Valley, Annie's, Tinkyada, 18 Rabbits, Newman's Own, Boulder Canyon, Numi, Andean Dream, Nature's Path,Madhava.
  • AFM American Formulating & Manufacturing AFM offers Safecoat and SafeChoice products, 30 not-toxic products, including paints and primers, stains and sealers, clear finishes, household cleaners and carpet care, adhesives and caulks, roof and asphalt coatings, personal care products, and AFM's new line of organic, plant-based Safecoat Naturals™.
  • Agromin Agromin manufactures earth-friendly soil products for farmers, landscapers and consumers made from recycled organic materials. Each month, Agromin receives thousands of tons of organic material and then uses a safe, natural and sustainable process to recycle the material into its soil products.
  • All Green Shopping All Green Shopping is a green comparison shopping website that seeks to promote green living in featuring 1000s of green, organic and eco-friendly products to visitors worldwide.
  • Annie's Heirloom Seeds We are a family owned business selling high quality heirloom vegetable seeds from our farm in Central Michigan. We believe in organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, and great food.
  • Black Mountain Herbals Black Mountain Herbals produces hand crafted holistic skin care that is plant based and chemical free. All formulas specifically target healing and regeneration of healthy and balanced skin. We are a zero waste company that is cruelty free.
  • Brittanie's Thyme Brittanie’s Thyme is a woman-owned company dedicated to organic integrity in all our personal care products. Over 90% of our products are USDA certified 95% organic, or even higher. Our skin care is sold in retail locations throughout the U.S and Japan.
  • Bugrepel, LLC Bugrepel is a 100% natural powder for insect pest control. It is all you need to keep your home pest and insect-free for up to 6 months.
  • Diy Aquaponics, Inc. "Do It Yourself Aquaponics" was created to assist you in doing just that. Our site is specifically designed with those people in mind who are looking for information about aquaponics, hydroponics and controlled environment agriculture to benefit themselves and others.
  • Dr Green Carpet Care Metro Atlanta's #1 choice in Eco-Friendly carpet & upholstery cleaning.

  • Eco Simplista Eco Simplista; South Florida’s Green Home and Lifestyle Headquarters for safer building and home improvement supplies
  • is a web-based gallery of unique, well-made and environmentally friendly gifts.
  • Eco-gecko Products Inc Eco-gecko Products sells wooden cutlery made from high-quality birch wood that is taken from re-harvested plantation forests.
  • EcoAlliance EcoAlliance is an artificial grass manufacturer and distributor.
  • Enfant Style Cloth Diapers Enfant Style Cloth Diapers commits to eco-friendly cloth diapering products for babies, such as cloth diapers, diaper covers, accessories, training pants, and swim diapers.
  • Express Green Packaging Express GreenPAK designs, manufactures and distributes certified, tree-free, recycle paper packaging for food processing, retail and consumer packaging industries. Our mission is to focus on biodegradable and recycle environmentally friendly packaging that protects consumer wellness while minimizing deforestation, which has enormous ecological impact on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
  • Floating Island Intl. BioHaven floating treatment wetlands are manmade islands that clean the water and provide habitat for aquatic life -- both plants and animals.
  • Fortrans, Inc Fortrans provides pH Control System and Biodegradable Cleaning Chemical needs
  • Garden of Eve Skin Care Safe natural organic skin care products for sensitive skin and all skin types including safe for pregnancy. EWG Scores (0-1) low hazard.
    Green America approved.

  • We at sell all the best green products.
  • Good Start Packaging Good Start Packaging supplies environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic packaging: compostable, sustainable catering, coffee, office supplies and disposables.
  • Green Cleaning Seattle We offer eco-safe maid services, house cleaning services, and office & building maintenance services.
  • GreenCupboards certifies that the manufacturers of the items we offer follow sustainable practices in the production, packaging and shipment of their products.
  • Greenlivingeveryday Green Living Everyday is your one stop for sustainable, green and eco-friendly products.
  • GreenPack Nutrition GreenPacks premium natural supplements are packaged in biodegradable, heat-sealed, cellulose bags.
  • LLC is your web store for a more sustainable lifestyle, filled with green and eco-friendly products to provide the needs for you and your community.
  • Harbor Green Store Everything here is sustainable, natural, organcic, recycled or eco friendly!
  • Hydrologix Inc. Hydrologix, an industry world leader for 20 years, has developed and produced their patented and UPC listed GRS; a micro wastewater treatment system deployed within a grease interceptor for specialized use by foodservice establishments to virtually eliminate pumping of GI's thus significantly reducing their carbon footprint.
  • JAR Innovations Inc. JAR Innovations inventors of Biodegradable bags for Tampons & small pads. Also distributing for inclusion in green hotel & lodgings Amenities programs
  • Just Green Promotions Just Green Promotions has earth friendly promotional products, corporate gifts, awards, and branded apparel that will get you noticed over and over again, helping you to successfully launch new products, improve marketing responses, show your support for our planet, increase trade show results, and effectively reach out to your prospects.
  • Kyzaa BioPak Corp Kyzaa manufactures biodegradable and compost-able food containers.
  • Liquifix Liquifix is the better safe alternative to conventional lubricants as WD 40. Kitchen safe and Garage strong. Odorless, clear, non staining,
  • LivEcoFriendly Online solution to solar and wind power. With everyone mind, you are welcome to shop for anything that is green here.
  • Mehta & Co Contains organic formulation and 1.5% bioextract and eradicates smog-forming pollutants for all external & internal engines with cleaner emissions replaces against many other additives including and not limited to ethanol, MTBE.
  • My DNA Fragrance Perfume, Cologne by MY DNA FRAGRANCE. Worlds first GREEN fragrances. Perfume & cologne Name Brands in a GREEN Version. $15.99-$24.99 With out alcohol or other harmful chemicals. free shipping. money back guarantee
  • Myriad Greeyn LLC Myriad Greeyn is an environmental and energy management company.
  • Natural Eco Products Natural Eco Products supplies individuals & businesses with biodegradable & compostable disposable to-go ware that is made from plants.
  • Natural Source Partners, Inc. FiberStone® water-proof mineral based papers are made from a blend of non-toxic resin and natural calcium carbonate.
  • Natures Fresh All of our cleaning and bug repellant products are environmentally friendly,non-toxic.
  • Opas Soap Opas Soap offers vintage inspired body and health products, all natural skin care and medicinal health supplements. 100% handmade in small custom batches, fresh, organic and natural with our environment in mind.
  • Organic Bed N Bath Shop for high quality organic bedding & bath products for your home & baby.
  • Organic Fertilizer Solutions We offer a line of organic products that is all-encompassing for lawns, vegetable gardens, nurseries, trees, shrubs, flowers, and farming alike. Feel free to shop online at
  • Organic Wholesale Club Over 12,000 organic and ecofriendly products at 30% below retail prices.
  • Oxy Magic Carpet Cleaning Oxy Magic Carpet Cleaning offers a professional and affordable Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning servics all over the twin cities based out of Prior Lake, MN.
    We offer great carpet cleaning solutions for all carpets, rugs, sofas, and any other fabric available. We use top of the line machinery, equipment and tools in order to guarantee maximum satisfaction on each and every job that we perform. All of our cleaning solutions and detergants are ISA approved and are kids & pet friendly non toxic chemicals.

  • Path to Wellness - Shaklee Distributor We bring you a full line of natural and nontoxic cleaning choices that are Safe for You, Your Home, and Your Planet called "Get Clean", from Shaklee, the #1 Natural nutritional company. No harmful fumes or hazardous chemicals.
  • People's Fuel Peoples Fuel, a worker owned cooperative offers biodiesel distribution and consulting services. We are dedicated to supplying only locally produced, sustainably sourced biodiesel. We specialize in fuel delivery, fleet consulting, and quality oversight.
  • Physician Naturals Physician Naturals SimplyPure super supplements are manufactured in FDA, GMP certified facility in the USA.
  • Plushbeds offers 100% natural latex mattresses free from glues, artificial fillers, or any artificial or synthetic ingredients. is a carbon-neutral website.
  • PURE AirMD AirMD presents, PURE AirMD™ an all natural, purely botanical- based line of products that effectively clean while promoting well being.
  • Pure and Gentle Soap Pure and Gentle Soap is dedicated to the atmosphere by making 100% biodegradable, dye and phosphate free merchandises. No animal testing is done on any PGI product.
  • Pure Bio-Clean Solutions, Inc. Pure Bio-Clean Solutions is a provider of industrial (BIOLOGIC®) and retail (MrGreen) eco-friendly products to naturally neutralize odors and treat waste & wastewater.
  • Pure Garden Organics Natural Pesticides for Organic Gardening. All products are non toxic, eco-friendly, biodegardable, safe around children & pets to use.
  • Pure One Environmental We develop environmentally safe chemicals. We are committed to environmentally safe chemicals that are safe for the people, pets, animals and the environment.
  • Qualitrei, LLC We provide innovative "Green" workplace solutions for industrial, commercial, and institutional applications. We offer electronic repairs, tool repairs, Green certified cleaning products, Green rust inhibitors, odor control, and inspection equipment.
  • Real Milk Paint Co. Milk paint is an environmentally friendly paint that is ideal for antique furniture, decks, floors and walls.
  • Renewable Office Resource Resource for recycled content inkjet, toner and office products.
  • repurpose compostables Repurpose® Compostables Inc. is a full service, Los Angeles based bioplastic manufacturing, sales, and distribution agency. The company offers a full line of compostable, disposable products including cups, plates, take out food containers, napkins, and utensils.
  • SolidCraft, LLC SolidCraft LLC specializes in the fabrication and installation of solid surface countertop materials, including products by PaperStone, EcoTop, Squak Mountain Stone, Trinity Glass and select others, in Oregon and Washington states.
  • Soylar Candles Soy candles made with solar energy!
  • SoyWix Candles SoyWix Candles produces hand-crafted scented candles made from 100% organic wax, derived from soybeans. Our products are non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Suburban Oil Company, Inc. Our biodegradable lubricants will help to extend the life of our planet as well as the life of your industrial assets.
  • Sunset Coast Container Sunset Coast Container is a distributor for FDA approved Compostable To-Go Containers for restaurants with take out service. Many sizes & shapes of compostable to-go containers, silverware, cups, plates etc.
  • TeraGanix, Inc TeraGanix, Inc. provides non-toxic solutions that restore the balance of natural resources to support healthier environments for all living things, remove toxins from wastewater, control odor from solid waste and water treatment facilities, and accelerate decomposition of organic matter to produce rich compost.
  • TeraGanix, Inc TeraGanix supplies Effective Microorganisms™ products. OMRI Listed production aides and soil conditioners for consumer and commercial use.
  • The Green Logo provides eco friendly promotional products and helps you go green with your advertising.

  • The Lice Clinic #1 In home lice treatment. Using the Lousebuster device to dehydrate lice and eggs in just 1 treatment. Guaranteed. Chemical and Pesticide Free
  • Thinking Green Systems, Inc Thinking Green System Contracting Services is a soy-based foam insulation company in central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.
  • Thinking Green Systems, Inc Thinking Green System Contracting Services is a soy-based foam insulation company in central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.
  • TPG Green Solutions, LLC Our training programs by a team of top professionals bring years of knowledge and project success to the green industry for erosion control, porous pavement, green roof, rain garden, shoreline stabilization, wetland enhancement and stormwater management.
  • TriState EnviroFuel LLC We are a family owned business that takes restaurants' waste(fryer) oil and processes it with Methanol and Lye to produce 100% biodegradable biodiesel for your home heating needs and off road diesel vehicles.
  • Waterless Co. Inc. Waterless Company is the world's leading manufacturer of Waterless No-Flush™ urinal systems and has been in operation since 1991. Headquartered in Vista, CA, the company manufactures plumbing products for the institutional, commercial and industrial markets worldwide.
  • Whiner and Diner Pet Accessories Elevated pet feeders, pet toy boxes and small pet beds handcrafted from authentic wooden wine crates.

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